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Frequently Asked Questions about the upcoming season and dates

New Guidelines for Heading the Soccer ball coming to GLRSA/Boilers FC this Spring - see attached article.
No more heading: US Soccer out with new guidelines for youth soccer - TODAY.com

Effective Spring 2016
All players on U14 recreational teams and younger will not be allowed to head the ball during practices or games. Coaches for these age groups will be instructed not to teach or conduct headers in practices.

All travel players, ages 10 and younger, will not be allowed to head the ball during practices or games. For travel players, ages 11 - 13, we are waiting on final guidance from the state soccer association as the guideline does allow ages 11 - 13 to use their head during games only. 

Send questions about recreational soccer to: glrsa1@aol.com
Send questions about travel soccer to: boilersfc@gmail.com 

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