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Weather:  If you hear Thunder or see Lightning - clear the field immediately!

Concussions:  When in Doubt, Sit them Out! (click here to learn more)

April 26 @ 7:40am: All games for today will be played.

4/19 Rainouts - Reschedule Times: click HERE (updated 4/22)

4/25 Rainouts - Reschedule Times: click
HERE (updated 4/26 at 7:30am). Please do not ask for reschedules of these games.

2015 Summer Camp Information now Available! Click here - summer camps
Parents and Coaches,

Please help us keep the parks clean.  We recognize that the trash barrels get full quickly on the weekends and we will try to do our part and empty them more often.  But we could use your assistance by using a different trash barrel if the one near you is full.  Thank you!

Email us with questions:  glrsa1@aol.com


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