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GLRSA Charter

The Greater Lafayette Regional Soccer Alliance was formed to promote the sport of recreational soccer to youth in the Tippecanoe County area. It is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create an enjoyable learning and playing experience. It supports our youth as they learn the skills and experience the thrills of the world's most popular sport.


The organization was started by a group of enthusiastic, yet naive, parents who wanted to take a city parks and recreation program to the next level. To allow access to more kids, the group organized in 1994 and took on responsibility for publication, promotion, rostering, sponsorship and executing two seasons per year: spring and fall. Participation that first season was about 400. Over the next few seasons, the participation grew exponentially. The alliance offers five leagues:
  1. Co-ed league: Boys and Girls under 6
  2. Recreational league: Boys age 5 – 13 (Fall) & age 5 – 17 (Spring)
  3. Recreational league: Girls age 5 – 13 (Fall) & age 5 – 17 (Spring)
  4. Travel league: Boys age 9 – 13 (Fall) & age 9 – 17 (Spring)
  5. Travel league: Girls age 9 – 13 (Fall) & age 9 – 17 (Spring)
Participation has grown to over 4,500 kids per year (we serve 2,000 kids in the fall and 2,500 kids in the spring). We are the largest soccer organization in the county and provide an outstanding soccer experience to the youth in this community. The association is still run by volunteer parents and offers every child the opportunity to play soccer with scholarship assistance as needed. We keep our fees as low as possible to allow everyone the opportunity to participate!

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