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Referee Information

Contact Information: Dave Ungaro, dtcungaro@comcast.net

You do not have to be licensed to referee recreational games. If you would like to be a referee for GLRSA, please follow the steps below. All referees will be required to undergo a background check. You do not need to register each season, just once. Please ignore any reference to the registration being a Manager-type registration. Follow these steps:

  1. Read Referee Expectations. Click HERE.

  2. Register as a referee for background check, please click this link: REFEREE
    *If you previously registered, you background check is only good for 2 years. In order to submit an updated report please start by clicking here: Update Background Check. Then click on the login link for Teams & Team Officials. Then, enter your username and password in the Individual Manager field to the right. If necessary, there is a Manager Account Lookup tool available.

  3. Create an account on EventLink - https://www.eventlink.com

  4. Submit scores at http://www.blackshad.com/refport/

  5. Access your EventLink account to update availability, accept, and decline games.

  6. We must have a W-9 on file for all referees. If you are a new referee with GLRSA or a current referee with GLRSA and have a new mailing address, please fill out the first page of the W-9 form and mail it to: GLRSA, PO Box 5811, Lafayette, IN 47903.

How to Get Paid as a GLRSA Referee
Referees will track and record the date of the games and scores completed weekly. Use the online form above to submit your scores. This will automatically submit your game report to the GLRSA Treasurer notifying us of your completed games. It is very important you turn in accurate information on game location, date, time, and final score. Please enter team name, not color of shirts.

Your game report needs to be submitted within 24 hours. Otherwise, payment for games can be delayed.

The GLRSA Treasurer will enter online payments to all the referees on Monday/Tuesday of each week. Our goal is to get you a check by Saturday. Please wait until the following Monday to notify us if you haven't received your check from the prior week.

Reliability and dependability is important. Do not decline games after 6:00 pm on Fridays without also notifying Dave Ungaro.

Referee Pay Scale: Click HERE