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August 23 at 6:30am: All games scheduled for Field 3 at Davidson are canceled due to a broken irrigation line under the field.  The field is not safe for play.  The games will be rescheduled.  All other games will be played as scheduled.

The following games will be rescheduled:

10:30    Boys U12   Dr. Guthrie Carr   vs   Evonik
11:45    Boys U11   Law Office of Gregg Theobald   vs   Tempest Homes
1:00      Boys U12   FDH Cleaning   vs   Lafayette Hearing Center
2:15      Girls U11    Tempest Homes   vs   Wounded Warriors
3:30      Girls U12    Aquarius Pools   vs   Cornerstone Financial
4:45      Boys U11   Pumas   vs   Hornets

Field Status

Field #3 at Davidson is closed

All Remaining Fields - Open


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